Andrew offers a no fix, no pay for the hours spent if he does not improve your system performance!

Advanced WebSphere performance tuning ...


There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to performance tuning, each installation will require it's own unique set of tuning parameters.

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Remote WebSphere support ...

Tired of rising support costs in these tough economic times??
Andrew provides a remote WebSphere infrastructure support service at a fraction of the cost of onsite support .
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WebSphere performance tuningCloud computing ...

Yes, its the buzz word of the year so Andrew has climbed on the bandwagon. He can provide you access to virtual (VMWare) Linux systems located in the clouds :-) above America, Europe or Africa. The systems can be preconfigured with the WebSphere products of your choice.

So ... if you have a requirement to outsource parts of your Dev or Test environments or would like to evaluate new technology with a Proof of Concept (POC) ... without the associated start up costs then contact Andrew now to discuss your needs.

WebSphere Infrastructure Services



WebSphere installationInstallation of WebSphere products into complex environments should never be carried out using the default parameters (the Next, Next, Next install syndrome). Not only does this compromise security (e.g. default naming and directory structures are common knowledge) but also defeats corporate naming standards and policies, best practices and very often delivers sub optimal performance configurations. Andrew will design and implement custom installations that will not comply with corporate standards and policies but also have optimal performance configurations..


Post installation configuration and system integration is often a complex and difficult task. Andrew has a broad depth of knowledge and experience in system integration and configuration.

Operations and troubleshooting

Andrew will assist you in managing your daily operations and, for new installations, he will set up best practices for managing a WebSphere environment. This will include the creation of operational (run time) manuals and training of staff on the implementation thereof:

  • Installation and configuration of new environments
  • Test and implementation of maintenance fixes/patches
  • Automation of repetitive tasks through scripts
  • Proactive monitoring of systems through log file analysis and system monitoring software such as Tivoli Monitoring (ITM, ITCAM, ITCAM for SOA, ITCAM for RTT)
  • Incident, problem and change management
  • Problem analysis and resolution of crashes and log file errors
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Deployment of applications and updates
  • Assist developers with application debugging

Mentoring and knowledge transfer

All to often the mistake is made of leaving the external consultants to carry out the project implementation without actively involving permanent staff. It's only towards the end of the project that knowledge transfer becomes a priority and by then its too late. Andrew is an expert in mentoring and knowledge transfer and will ensure that this happens for the duration of the project rather than the tail end.

Andrew has also conducted numerous class room and one on one WebSphere training course.

Remote operational support

Upon completion and handover of a project one would ideally like to relinquish the services of expensive external consultants and leave the daily operations to internal staff. Very often this is not possible due to the technological challenges of new products and lack of skilled resources. As a result, the customer remains reliant on external support for months or even years after project handover ... which is expensive! Remote support is a viable and cost effective alternative to consider, Andrew can provide this service at a fraction of the price of site support.

How it works? ...

Andrew's remote support offerings are completely flexible ... the nature and level of support, type of contract and pricing are all concluded by negotiation and discussion. Services include:

  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Remote Performance Tuning
  • Remote Performance Testing (Internet facing sites) with performance reports
  • Remote Installations and Upgrades
  • Remote mentoring of internal staff

At the start of the engagement Andrew will spend a period of time onsite (duration depends on complexity) to review the infrastructure, get to know the people involved and the requirement. During this period Remote/VPN access to the site will be set up and tested. From that point on you start saving money!

Why not give it a try? ... you have almost nothing to lose.