Andrew offers a no fix, no pay for the hours spent if he does not improve your system performance!

Advanced performance tuning ...


There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to performance tuning, each installation will require it's own unique set of tuning parameters.

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Remote WebSphere support ...

Tired of rising support costs in these tough economic times??
Andrew provides a remote WebSphere infrastructure support service at a fraction of the cost of onsite support ...
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WebSphere performance tuningCloud computing ...

Yes, its the buzz word of the year so Andrew has climbed on the bandwagon. He can provide you access to virtual (VMWare) Linux systems located in the clouds :-) above America, Europe or Africa. The systems can be preconfigured with the WebSphere products of your choice.

So ... if you have a requirement to outsource parts of your Dev or Test environments or would like to evaluate new technology with a Proof of Concept (POC) ... without the associated start up costs then contact Andrew now to discuss your needs.

WebSphere Performance Tuning


Advanced performance tuning of WebSphere infrastructures

Advanced WebSphere Performance TuningAndrew is a specialist in advanced "black box" performance tuning of enterprise scale Websphere infrastructures and is quick to identify bottlenecks. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to performance tuning, each configuration will require it's own unique set of tuning parameters. And remember ... performance tuning is a reiterative process that requires constant revisiting to achieve optimum performance and throughput. End to end performance testing is one of Andrew's specialist skills ... all components in the solution will come under his scrutiny and be optimally tuned. In instances where a bottleneck occurs in infrastructure that is not under Andrew's control then he will liaise with the relevant resource(s) to ensure that optimum tuning parameters are applied.

The integrated WebSphere Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) and Tivoli Performance Viewer are useful tools to get an idea of what a system is doing. However, these tools are cumbersome to use, making it difficult to drill down to the root cause of system performance bottlenecks. Andrew uses custom built tooling that has low system overheads, fast refresh rates and is designed to drill down to the root cause rapidly. Andrew has a no fix, no pay policy when it comes to performance tuning so why not try him out today, you have nothing to lose!

Basic Tuning

  • JVM tuning - Heap Size and Garbage Collection Policy
  • MDB ActivationSpec - maxConcurrency and maxBatchSize
  • MQ Listener Port - Max Sessions
  • Thread Pool Sizes - Default, ORB.thread.pool, WebContainer, DefaultWorkManager, BPENavigationWorkManager
  • JMS Connection Pool Sizes - Max Connections, Min Connections
  • DataSource - Connection Pool Size, Prepared Statement Cache Size
  • Messaging Engine Custom Properties - DiscardableDataBufferSize, CachedDataBufferSize

Advanced Tuning

  • Upstream queuing
  • HTTP transport tuning
  • Advanced JVM Tuning - tuning for Large Objects, when to run Multiple JVM's, diagnosing OutOfMemory errors, AIX thread settings
  • WebSphere Adaptors - using pollPeriod and pollQuantity
  • Tuning for Maximum Concurrency
  • ORB Service - Enabling Pass by reference
  • DB2 Database Tuning - RUNSTATS, buffer pool sizes, table indexing, log files and location
  • Oracle Database Tuning - Database stats, buffer cache sizes, table indexing, log files
  • Use of Non-XA Data sources (judiciously)

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WebSphere performance tuning